Gun violence is a polarizing issue, and this post is in no way trying to incite a political discourse. The goal is to highlight the human element in what has become a brutal reality in the United States. One of our country’s most recent incidents involved a most treasured group ā€“ the youth of our country. It seems appropriate to mention that today is June 3rd, National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

I happen to know many responsible gun owners. I do not intend to anger you with this post. In my conversations with many, I would say a majority acknowledge that there is a common ground that something can be done to reduce the number of incidents of gun violence at the hands of irresponsible individuals.

Accordingly, here is an initiative that may be worthwhile to consider: 

A potential bright light is a resolution that protects responsible gun owners and curbs the havoc gun violence creates in our society. Help if you can, support if you can, do something if you can.