As we concluded our GoFundMe campaign, my family and I are simply amazed at the generosity and support of so many. To the 222 donors, 288 followers, and 427 shares that generated $36,325, I can simply say thank you for everything.

Many of the names on the donor list are quite familiar to us – and words fail to express our gratitude for your steadfast support.

Teachers, neighbors, colleagues, family, friends….thank you one and all.

So many donated anonymously, and we so wish we could reach out to thank everyone who donated. If you donated anonymously, please know how grateful we are!

It’s not lost on our family that we have been always buoyed by community support, and that others in similar situations don’t get that same kind of support. From the days immediately after my injury until now, just under 10 years ago, so many have championed my cause in various ways. Please continue to do so!

Your help means the world to all of us.

Thank you!