Believe it or not, today marks six years since Kevin sustained an injury that would change his life forever. Kevin has remained healthy (most of the time!) and is able to enjoy some independence thanks to everyone’s generous support. We can’t say enough how grateful we are for the continue support.
Today, we wanted to call attention to our dad, Joe Neary, who is Kevin’s primary caregiver. This past Monday was Caregiver Appreciation Day, which is an opportunity for all of us to show our appreciation to caregivers for those in need. Many families face situations where a family member is faced with a severe disability or debilitating condition that requires someone to step up.
For us, that’s our father, Joe Neary.
Dad helps Kevin manage his care, which is no small task. He works to ensure that nurses are scheduled and steps up when they’re unable to cover their shift. He makes sure medications and supplies are ordered and accounted for. He handles the paperwork and bureaucratic headaches, which are significant. And he’s the go-to driver of Kevin’s van, making sure Kevin can get to his medical appointments and social engagements.
On top of all that, Dad is still focused on serving his community. Recently, Dad ran for re-election as Township Commissioner in Upper Chichester, where our family has lived since 1985. Dad won re-election easily. We attribute his victory to the faith that people place in him in our community. We couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishments and grateful to the example he has set for his children.
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– The Neary Boys