Sales for the tournament ended yesterday, and, with a huge hat tip to Kevin’s champion/neighbor Bill Burland, we are set for a great day of golf on the 21st!

Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets, all of our sponsors, all of our donors, and all of our volunteers!

Look for an updated program on this site just before the event.

BREAKING……season parking tickets for the Flyers, and for the Sixers, are now part of the auction line up!

And an additional (awesome) live auction item looks like it is coming together.

Golf “swag” bags will be assembled next weekend—with thanks to Kevin’s aunt Marianne Kaplan and her fabulous crew of volunteers.

Whether or not you are coming, what could you do now?

We are so grateful for the continued support of the community for Kevin, and for our family.

And a reminder about a charter FOKN supporter—-Mike Possenti, who is donating FOKN golf towels to our event, has already raised nearly $40,000 in his gofundme fundraiser!   (One donor saying any friend of Kevin’s is a friend of hers!)

If you are interested in reading more about Mike’s struggle or wish to make a contribution, please visit:

Happy end of summer!