Kevin Neary Trust

If you would like to support Kevin with monetary contributions to help him meet his needs in the future, checks should be made payable to the “Kevin Neary Trust” and can be sent to our home address:

P.O. Box 1824
Upper Chichester, PA 19061

Online donations: Click here donate online!

We are deeply, deeply grateful for all of the help you can provide Kevin. It’s going to be a long road ahead with a lot of unanticipated costs, whether they’re medical or help provide Kevin with a good quality of life. We appreciate all of the support.

The Kevin Francis Neary Third-Party Funded Special Needs Trust is a special needs trust established in accordance with Pennsylvania law to assist Kevin to have funds to supplement his medical care and personal needs.

The basic purpose of a “special needs trust” is to provide benefits, by means of a trust, to a beneficiary who would otherwise lose eligibility for public assistance (Supplemental Security Income or Medicaid).

NOTE: The trust is NOT a charitable trust; gifts to the trust are NOT tax deductible.

4 thoughts on “Kevin Neary Trust”

  1. Thomas C. Clemens said:

    Hello – I remember reading about Kevin’s incident when it first happened, and was deeply saddened for him and his family. Just today, I saw mention of this website in the article on, and wanted to extend my condolences and prayers to Kevin and his family. I do not know if they have caught the despicable perpetrator, but I hope they have, and that a conviction and extremely lenghty sentence are soon to follow. Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance, in any way.
    Tom Clemens

  2. I just teared up reading the article in today’s Inquirer. Kevin sounds just like any of my friends; young and working in the city with a million things in life ahead of them. It’s crazy to think how quickly everything in your life can change. I’m so happy that Kevin has a big family and group of friends for support. I come from a big family and have seen firsthand how important they are when going through hardship. Kevin I applaud your perseverence and determination. You are such a great example for those who want to give up, no matter what the situation. Keep it up and I will spread the word on your story! Everyone needs to hear it!

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