Support Kevin!

Many of you have been asking for an online giving page. We appreciate your desire to help Kevin and meet his needs going forward.

Follow the link below to go to the online giving page. We’ve set up an online giving page through PayPal, which will be the easiest way for us to accept gifts.

The Kevin Francis Neary Third-Party Funded Special Needs Trust is a special needs trust established in accordance with Pennsylvania law to assist Kevin to have funds to supplement his medical care and personal needs.

The basic purpose of a “special needs trust” is to provide benefits, by means of a trust, to a beneficiary who would otherwise lose eligibility for public assistance (Supplemental Security Income or Medicaid).

NOTE: The trust is NOT a charitable trust; gifts to the trust are NOT tax deductible.

1 thought on “Support Kevin!”

  1. Terry O'Connor said:

    A little help

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