Thank you everyone who participated in yesterday’s Let’s Throw Some FOKN Hatchets! Hopefully not too many of you are sore today. We had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones too. From the Neary Family and Friends reunion in the lower arenas, Chopper’s Hatchet House regulars who signed up, and the mini-commercial office party in the upper arenas, it was a lot of fun. Hearing the random loud cheers coming from nine arenas was really great.
We are extremely grateful for all the work that Dan Dvorak did to organize the event. We hope that his daughter, Jenna, had a great birthday!
As we highlighted yesterday, we wanted to send a special thank you to Leon Ariyan, Kevin’s former employer from some 14 years ago who paid the  $2,000 event balance. A thank you as well to our event sponsors:
FOKN Kick Axe Sponsors
  • Valcourt Building Services & John Schiavello
  • The Dvorak Family
  • Joe Neary
Lane Sponsors
  • James Brackenrig
  • The Schwalb Family who sponsored 4 Lanes
And of course thank you to all of you who registered, participated, and made a Chance Basket or general donation. We had 108 attendees, 18 teams, 92 players and collectively, who combined to raise $9,500.00 for Kevin’s ongoing care. 8m1gWdyMRliigpq9O48i1Q