A little Valentine’s love to share.

Thanks to the generosity of so many, Kevin lives in an accessible home equipped with a generator, gets around town in a specially tailored van, and has the key medical support he needs each day.   

The costs associated with Kevin’s care remain staggering.   Our family is blessed to have support of all kinds, and we are acutely aware that not everyone is as fortunate. Our thanks to everyone who supports Kevin and all of us.  Thanks to all of you, 2016 promises some fun ventures for Kevin, and we will keep you posted.

Our 2016 golf tournament will be September 12, 2016.


We will create an event site in the next few weeks, and will let you know when it goes live.

If the last few years are a good indicator, it will be quite a day!

Good people have ALREADY pledged a few amazing gifts….more on that as the date draws nearer.  A reminder that, once again, your help is needed.   And we are so grateful for that help!

We need, among other things:   golfers, event sponsors (does anyone want to sponsor the bar? hard to say how popular you would be!), hole sponsors, live auction items, silent auction items, raffle items, and swag bag “stuff.”

Do you have….

*An aunt who would offer a one week stay in her apartment in Paris as a live auction item?  (Other destinations happily accepted)

*A neighbor with awesome seats for Philly sports to donate?

*A friend who runs a local business who could donate gift cards?

*A contact who can get you backstage at Philly music or theatre events?

*Some other wonderful connection or idea?

Questions about golf? Contact Bill, burlandbill@gmail.com

Contributions? Contact Chris Kelly, kellyc51@comcast.net

Any other questions? Please send a note to fokngolfinfo@gmail.com

Please, let us know if you can help!    No pressure, but we are counting on it!

And happy Valentine’s Day!