Recent Outings

It has been a while since our last post so we thought we would share pictures from Kevin’s last big outing.  Last weekend a good family friend and Salesianum alum, Michael Szczerban, married the lovely Kristen Lukiewski at the Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster, PA.  Dad, Kathy, Chris, Lindsey and Kevin were all delighted to be able to join and help them celebrate.  Kevin was thrilled to make it and see his good friend Mike and several familiar faces from Sallies. Here are a few photos:

wedding 3 wedding 2 wedding1
Cold Weather

With colder weather setting in, it is a little more challenging for Kevin to maintain his temperature.  This makes it harder for him to get out of the house as frequently. If you have some time please feel free to swing by the Neary household and visit.  Most of Kevin’s doctors visits are during the day, so please give call the house before you head over.  Kevin loves visitors!
Other News

In other news, now that Kevin is stable and his living area complete, our Dad is completing the renovations to the house he started planning well over three years ago.  All of these renovations are independent of what has been done for Kevin but will have the added benefit of increasing his access to the rest of the house.  Stop on by and dad will happily give you a tour!