Brief update from the Neary residence — a note of thanks and an invitation.

Our power has been out for about two and a half hours now, and thanks to everyone who has contributed to Kevin’s needs the generator has been running the entire time, powering the house. We did not have to move Kevin and he is here at the house resting comfortably. If all of you had not been so generous we would have had to find a place for Kevin until power was restored. Typically Kevin is worried for the neighbors and hopes power is restored shortly.

Thank you to all for your support.

In an unrelated note, Kevin is very much into the World Cup and is pulling for Germany to win the Cup. He of course has a jersey for Germany, #7 Schweinsteiger, and was thrilled with the outcome today. His mother’s family is mostly German so it is a natural fit for him. If you are interested Kevin is going to skip the Phillies this week to stay home and watch the match on Sunday at 3:00. Feel free to stop by to cheer on Germany.