What a difference a year makes. When we came to the hospital that fateful morning a year ago, we couldn’t have imagined what lay ahead of us. But we realized quickly that we would have the support we needed along the way, and our expectations were far exceeded by the consistent warmth and support we’ve received. We cannot stress enough how grateful we are for your support over the past year. It has been essential.

Kevin has made some amazing progress in what seems like the blink of an eye, and so has our family. Kevin fought his way back to health, completed a demanding rehabilitation at Magee, and worked hard at learning how to keep himself healthy and adjust to his new life. And he’s done it all with his signature charm and positive attitude. We couldn’t be prouder.

The next phase is completing construction on Kevin’s addition. The addition will give Kevin more personal space and enable him to live more independently. We have a great team of folks who have donated their time and service to help complete the project, especially Rick and Adam DiSabatino from EDiS Construction in Wilmington. (There are a number of contractors and vendors supplying time, labor, and/or materials who we would like to thank, and we will thanking folks as the project moves along!)

The addition is going to be by far the largest expense to date, so we are incredibly grateful for all of your fundraising support for the Kevin Neary Trust. But even more than that, we are grateful for your constant love and support.