While it has been a fairly quiet two weeks since our last update, there has been a great deal of activity going on behind the scenes.

Kevin seems to be doing pretty well.  He has had the chance to get out of the house a few times of the past few weeks.  Thanks to Aunts Peggy and Marianne, Kevin and a few nurses made a little trip to Delaware Park to visit the casino and have a little fun.  The Neary-Kelly clan made a visit and helped get Kevin back into the city for dinner at St. Stephen’s Green.  While we had hoped to make it down to the Piazza, we had a little van trouble and had to call it an early night.  Thanks to everyone who tried to make it out that night. We hope to do it again soon.

Yesterday Kevin had a small procedure to implant a new type of catheter.  The doctors hope this will reduce the risk of infection and facilitate easier changes.   We are happy to report all went very well and he was home the same day.

House Update

We are moving pretty quickly on getting things started with the house.  This Friday the architects will be back out to the house to review the final plans and the permits for the addition are also in progress. We have connected with a group in Minnesota, Design Accessibility (www.accessibilitydesign.com), to do a final review of the plans and make suggestions to create the best possible environment for Kevin.  If anyone has suggestions or is interested in contributing to the project please contact us.