As many of you know, the defendant decided to enter a guilty plea on all of the charges, including attempted murder. As a result, sentencing will take place tomorrow.

Part of the sentencing process is the opportunity for those impacted by the crime to offer statements on how it has impacted their lives. These are called “victim impact statements.” For those who are interested in offering victim impact statements, please contact JP Neary at We would like to get a list to the DA as soon as possible to help them plan how to best proceed tomorrow, so please email JP tonight if you plan to give a statement. As we understand it, anyone who would like to can make a statement.  The only limitation is that there cannot be any derogatory statements made specifically about or directed towards the defendant — this is simply an opportunity to talk about the impact of the crime.

Proceedings will begin at 10:30 a.m. We encourage everyone interested in attending to gather by 10 a.m. at the courthouse. The District Attorney would like the opportunity to review how the proceedings and statements will go.

We apologize for the short notice but are glad that this will be behind us. Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support.

And most importantly, we’re looking forward to this Friday, which should be a great night. Tickets are available here: