It’s been a quiet few weeks at the Neary household. While that means we don’t have much in the way of updates, quiet is a good thing in terms of Kevin’s progress. Kevin has been home from the hospital for over a week now and is doing very well. (We apologize for not updating the website sooner.) If you would like to visit, please call ahead to the house to make sure Kevin is available.

In terms of Kevin’s progress, we have a few updates. He is now able to use his pacing device (which allows him to get off the ventilator) for 6.5 hours per day. This is great progress, especially considering the setbacks from hospital visits. In addition, Kevin now has a device that allows him to talk when on his pacing device. Kevin is still getting acclimated to speaking this way, but since it’s Kevin we know he is determined to master it as soon as he can.

9/14 Event at Citizens Bank Park

We will have updates on the 9/14 birthday event at Citizens Bank Park soon. Check out the tickets and current event details here

A devoted Friends of Kevin Neary committee is working diligently to pull together some amazing auction items. If you would like to help in any way, please contact Kevin’s lovely aunt Denise Neary at

Thank you all again for your patience and support.