It’s been some time since we last posted, so we wanted to give you a few updates on Kevin’s progress, as well as extend our thanks for recent events in support of Kevin.

Kevin has been doing well over the past few weeks, although there have been a few bumps along the road. He is making progress with his pacing equipment. Kevin is currently up to six hours each day off the ventilator, which is really great.

He appreciates that folks are still coming to see him. We want to remind everyone to call ahead if possible to ensure that Kevin is at home and able to take visitors.

Big update – addition to the house

We hope to begin work on the addition to the house next month! The addition will make everyday life a lot easier for Kevin, so we’re excited to get to work on it. If you are interested in donating your time or supplies to help with the project, please contact Mike Neary at 609-390-0248. Thank you!

Update on Fundraising

We are really grateful that fundraising efforts continue to support Kevin (and help pay for items like the addition). There have been several events that have supported Kevin recently. We wanted to thank a few organizations and individuals for their work recently on Kevin’s behalf:

  • Dave Logar Memorial Fund. The Dave Logar run went very well a few weekends ago.  The Fund donated $9,000 to the Kevin Neary Trust. We are grateful to the organization for supporting Kevin, and to the Friends of Kevin Neary who made it out to the event and helped raise funds!
  • Homers for Hope. Yesterday, we posted some details on our Friends of Kevin Neary facebook page about the Homers for Hope event, being held today in Camden. Kevin’s friend and college roommate Brian Poliakoff is attending the event representing Kevin and our family; we appreciate the support from this great charity. Check out their website here: