Thanks for everyone’s patience these last few weeks. Until recently, it was very quiet – Kevin was getting a fair amount of rest and making really great progress getting off the ventilator. He is now able to breathe on his own for four hours a day (for two hours at a time). We are thrilled with his progress and hope he will continue increasing the amount of time he spends off the ventilator.

Part of Kevin’s condition, however, is that he will inevitably face challenges. On Sunday, after a great visit hosted by the Phillies, Kevin was admitted to Riddle Hospital as a precautionary measure. He is doing just fine, but the doctors want to keep an eye on him. We do not have details about his condition to release, but rest assured that Kevin is doing well and has great care. He will likely be released late today or Wednesday.

We also wanted to thank the Phillies organization for their hospitality on Sunday. We had big plans for Sunday – Kevin had hoped to enjoy the game and speak with the media, but he had to leave early due to his condition. The Phillies and the media were incredibly understanding about the situation, and we’re very grateful for their patience.

Before Kevin had to leave, he did get a chance to meet Phillies catcher Brian Schneider, who sent Kevin a get-well package when he was at Magee. Kevin was thrilled, and we are so thankful that he took out the time to see Kevin. It meant a lot to him. Kevin hopes to get back when he’s feeling better!

Fundraising update

We are please to announce that, thanks to everyone who put the event together and contributed, we were able to raise $15,000 at the Union Trust event! Kevin was so happy to get back to Philadelphia and see so many people he loves come out to support him. He had a great time.

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge two amazing contributions from Kevin’s former coworkers at both Valcourt and Worldwide Express. With their contributions and the total from Union Trust, we have now raised at least $250,000 for Kevin’s care.  This is nothing short of amazing, and will continue to help us meet the costs associated with Kevin’s care.

We’d also like to thank the Dave Logar Memorial Fund again for supporting Kevin this year. While we could not attend the event, we hear it was a great success. Special thanks to those who ran in Kevin’s honor.

We know there are many of you who are interested in helping. Rest assured: there will be more events in the near future.  For now, however, we are focused on getting Kevin rested and healthy. We appreciate your understanding and all of your help!