Home tomorrow!

The day is almost here – Kevin will finally be coming home tomorrow afternoon! As much as he loves Magee, Kevin is excited to get settled at home and start making the most of his situation.

Thanks to everyone who helped get our house ready for Kevin to come home.  A few folks have expressed interest in welcoming Kevin home tomorrow afternoon. We certainly welcome anyone who is interested in attending to be there.  Please note that we live on a small street and parking might be tight.  Getting Kevin settled will be the first priority so we may have to keep visits brief.

You will be able to visit Kevin in the coming days and weeks, but we ask for your patience as we figure out his routine and the best times for visitors. Over the first few days, we ask that folks just check in with Joe Neary, JP, or Chris to let us know you’re visiting. In general, it is best to wait until at least 11 a.m. to visit. Once we have a routine down, we’ll have a better sense what hours make sense for Kevin to have visitors.

Special thank you to Magee

As Kevin’s time at Magee comes to a close, we wanted to especially thank everyone at Magee for their hard work to get Kevin ready to make this important transition.

Just yesterday, Kevin got out and about in Philadelphia for the first time since his injury with some of the team he has been working with, including Dave (respiratory therapist) and Amanda (occupational therapist). You can see Kevin having a good time in the city he loves in the picture below. Not pictured here is Alli (physical therapist) and the many nurses, therapists, attendants, and doctors at Magee who helped Kevin along over the past few months. We greatly appreciate everything that they’ve done for him. The experience there will be invaluable.

We’ll have more updates in the coming days as Kevin gets settled. Thanks again for everyone’s love and support!