Nothing major to report on the rehab front. Today was a pretty standard day in rehab for Kevin. He had a lot of visitors tonight, which he always seems to enjoy. Thanks for everyone who came by!

Hearing tomorrow

Many of you have asked about tomorrow’s hearing for the person who is charged with attacking Kevin. Tomorrow’s hearing is a formal arraignment. Since this is one of over 200 cases being heard tomorrow (according to the schedule), we are not sure when exactly the hearing will take place. This portion should go pretty quickly and is a formal reading of the charges against him. For that reason, we do not think it’s necessary for folks to attend tomorrow. The district attorney will let us know if there’s a hearing that family and friends should attend. We’ll be sure to update the website so that those interested in attending relevant hearings in the future will be aware.

Barnaby’s Event Reminder

Thank you to the 40-plus people who have bought tickets for the Barnaby’s event on February 4th. Buying tickets in advance really helps us plan. We’ll have more details about the event as those come together. Thank you again to those who have volunteered auction items and other ways to help. Please email if you’d like to help further.

Again, the link for purchasing tickets online is here:

Please note that additional events are in the works, and we’ll be sure to post info about helping out with the trust we’re setting up for Kevin in the near future if you aren’t able to help with the Barnaby’s event.

Thank you all again for your continued support of Kevin and our family.