This update includes info on Kevin’s latest rehab progress and information about purchasing tickets for the Barnaby’s event.

Kevin has had a pretty quiet last couple of days. He seems to enjoy visitors, especially when he’s feeling up to “voicing.” Voicing requires him to be a little uncomfortable, but when he can tolerate it he talks up a storm. When he can talk, it’s really great to hear his voice. Although Kevin has his ups and downs in terms of how he’s feeling, we really do encourage visitors during visiting hours. He seems to smile more when he has visitors, and his smile still lights up the room.

Rehab update 

Kevin has been working on getting acclimated to a power chair so that he can get around. Today, he used a power chair that enabled him to move by blowing into a straw. He took two tours around the floor. It was pretty incredible to see him moving around that way.

This is a big step. As therapy progresses, he will be trying out different power chairs. Ultimately this will help him and the therapists choose what chair will be best for him. Once we know the specs for his chair we will also have a clearer picture of the type of van we will need to get Kevin around as well.

Little by little we are gaining a better insight into what the future will hold.

Earlier today, Eagles safety Jaiquawn Jarrett visited Kevin and other rehab patients:

Barnaby’s Event Update – tickets available

The link for tickets to the Barnaby’s event is available here. Feel free to purchase tickets starting now. We have a lot of RSVPs, so we expect the event to sell out:

In the near future we will have a list of the raffle prizes, auction items, etc. that we will have or need for the event.  Thanks to all who have offered their assistance in securing items.

We’ll have more information soon regarding the special needs trust we will be setting up for Kevin. This will allow everyone to help Kevin going forward. Once it’s set up, we’ll be sure to post it here. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you again for all of your support. We hope you’ve enjoyed your holidays!