One month….

It is hard to believe that one month has passed since Kevin’s fight got started.  After 5 days in intensive care at Hahnemann, 20 more at Jefferson and now 6 at Magee, it is hard to imagine the long road ahead.  But each step down the path is one closer to Kevin living his life to the fullest.

Not too much has changed since our last update.  The staff at Magee has been tremendous helping us all adjust in the first few days.  We have a meeting next Thursday with Kevin’s full team of doctors, nurses and other staff to help evaluate and plan for his next steps. As these meetings happen throughout the rehab process we will keep you posted. Each meeting will bring a clearer picture of Kevin’s short term needs and long term outlook.

Supporting Kevin…

Many of you have asked how to help, where to send donations and the like.  I don’t have an answer just yet but we are working with an attorney to make sure we set up an entity that will provide Kevin what he will need long term.  We will also have a better sense of what some of his short and long term needs will be when we have more information from our team meeting at Magee and some feedback from different State resources.

I’m sure many of you have seen the benefit for Kevin, the first of several, that will be held on February 4th from 6 – 9.  Matt Luttrell has been pulling all of this together. If you are interested in helping out please shoot him and email at  A special thank you to Jess Ewing for designing the poster!

There are a handful of other events that people have offered to host.  As these take shape we will post the information right here.  Thank you to everyone helping with these events!

The media…

Thank you all for your continued coverage of Kevin’s story.  The two most recent stories can be found here:
CBS 3’s Oren Liebermann’s report:

Daily Pennsylvanian’s Grace Orterlere’s report:

Again, thank you all for reading this website, praying for Kevin and our family, stopping in to see him and all the other little things, too numerous to mention, that you all have done. 

Stay tuned for another update Thursday or Friday.