Sunday was Kevin’s third day at Magee.  Friday was filled with a decent amount of paperwork and getting settled.  Saturday and Sunday were mainly his first few hours of rehab and fighting off a pretty high fever.  The doctors and nurses will do a few blood tests on Monday to make sure the fever he had is not some sort of infection. 

Once Kevin starts his first full week we should have a better sense of his daily therapy schedule.  As the  details of his daily routine become available we will certainly share them with you all.  For the moment anytime after 5:00 should be clear to visit as most of the PT and OT sessions are complete by that time. Magee is set up a bit differently for visitors.  They require each visitor to sign in and carry a room number badge at all times.  They currently allow 5 visitors per patient, so if you get to the hospital and all the passes are taken there are a few seats in the lobby where you can wait for another visitor to leave.  If you find you are waiting for a while please call my dad or I and one of us will come down. 

We are assuming Kevin will be at Magee for the next 8 weeks.  His progress will be evaluated on Thursdays by his whole team of doctors, nurses, therapists and case managers and as time goes on we will have a better sense of his next steps.

Thank you all for your support!