It has been a tough couple of days for Kevin, both physically and emotionally.

Kevin underwent a procedure to put in place a permanent pacemaker, which will help ensure he doesn’t have any heart issues at the rehab facility. The pacemaker is now in place and he is recovering from that procedure. Unfortunately, however, Kevin’s left lung collapsed during the procedure, so the doctors had to put a temporary tube in his lung to re-inflate it. It’s not the best news, but the situation is being managed. Kevin also ran up against a blocked feeding tube. After some work and some X-rays it seems that the doctors have been able to get that up and running again.

The last few days have also been tough because Kevin has had to grapple with the news that his injury may be worse than initially suspected. There are some indications that the bullet and its percussive effect may have done damage further up the spine, which means Kevin may have less control than we anticipated. Much of this is still unknown and will take a full evaluation with the people at the rehab hospital to have a better sense of what the future holds. We don’t have to tell you that Kevin is a fighter, and we are sure his willpower and hard work will have a huge impact on any outcome the doctors expect. Once we have a clearer picture from the rehab specialists we will certainly share it with all of you.

We are expecting that Kevin will move to rehab in the next few days. Dad, Kathy and JP are headed over to Magee Rehabilitation tomorrow to see the facility and get more information.  Please stay tuned for updated room and visitor information.