Kevin had a lot of visitors this weekend, so the nurses are hoping that he’ll be able to rest a bit more today. By having fewer visitors today he’ll be able to focus more on getting better at breathing with less support from the ventilator. That may change at some point today, but we wanted to let you know in case you were planning to come in today that Kevin may not be able to see you.

The last few days have been pretty good but tiring for Kevin. While coming to terms with all the changes he is going through isn’t easy and there are times when he’s down, he’s been in good spirits and is working hard.  He is really pushing to breathe on his own and to stay positive. It amazes us that he continues to make people laugh and put visitors at ease.

On Monday morning or early afternoon, Kevin will undergo a procedure to install a permanent pacemaker. The doctors think this will reduce the risk of infection (that would have been caused by the external pacemaker currently in place) when he goes to rehab. As a result of the procedure, Monday might be a tough time to see Kevin, especially during the day.

We’re guessing Kevin will stay in the ICU for at least several days after he has the permanent pacemaker installed on Monday morning. We will have update on that procedure and the plan for Kevin’s rehab ahead.