We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Yesterday, the Nearys took over Jefferson’s ICU waiting room with a full Thanksgiving dinner, and we’ve got a lot of visitors today. We’re calling it “Occupy Jefferson.”

Yesterday was a very good day for Kevin. He was in a chair most of the day, hanging out with visitors and watching football. He’s able to communicate a little bit better, which has helped him resume his normal routine of making people laugh. He seemed to really enjoy the visitors and he fell asleep pretty quickly last night.

The most encouraging news is that Kevin was able to breathe for a short period of time off the ventilator. He’ll need to do a lot of work to get to a point where he can breathe entirely on his own, but it’s encouraging that he has control of some of the muscles he needs to do so. He exceeded expectations, which didn’t come as a surprise.

Most likely, Kevin will still have to have at least one more surgery on his neck. He will probably be in the ICU for a week to ten days after that procedure. Beyond that, we’re not sure of any specific timeline, but we know that he’ll be in the hospital for a bit longer, followed by a long time doing rehab.

So that’s the latest. We will try to keep you posted with updates on major events over the next several weeks. It’ll be a long road ahead, so we appreciate your support for Kevin and our family. If you’ve sent us an email, we’ve most likely read it but haven’t had time to respond yet — we just want you to know we appreciate your thoughts and offers to help. We’ll get back to you soon!

Thank you all again for your support.