The doctors have decided to do another procedure for Kevin this evening to help increase his level of comfort. Kevin will undergo a minor procedure to put in place a tracheostomy tube, which will allow the doctors to remove the breathing tube. This should make Kevin much more comfortable. 

Kevin still won’t be able to talk right away — that will come when he is completely off the ventilator. But this will greatly increase his comfort level, and it is the first step in the process of getting him speaking again.

The procedure will be done this evening, so we do not know when or if he will be able to have visitors tonight. We will be in the waiting room if anyone does stop by. If you’re reading this and know of anyone who’s planning to visit, please let them know.

That’s all for now. Kevin has undergone a lot and he’s tired, but does not seem daunted.

We wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. As a family, it’s clear to us that we have a lot to be thankful for — from the enormous amount of support we’ve gotten to the mere fact that Kevin’s with us and will continue to light up our lives in the future.

Travel safely!

-The Neary boys