Kevin’s surgery today went well. The surgeons put in a plate to help stabilize his spine. The doctors at Jefferson will monitor him over the next few days to see how he responds and recovers. Once he has recovered, it’s likely that Kevin will undergo another surgery to further stabilize his neck and remove bone fragments.

Once the procedures on his neck are complete, Kevin will be able to undergo the tracheostomy and feeding tube procedures. That means that Kevin will continue to be on breathing and feeding tubes until at least later this week. While it’s frustrating that he won’t be able to talk, we understand that the doctors at Jefferson want to be very careful at this delicate stage.

As Kevin undergoes these procedures, it’s important for him to get his rest. We still encourage visitors, however, so we just ask that you check with us at the waiting room before going back to see Kevin. One of us should be back there throughout visiting hours.

Tomorrow should be a light day, as Kevin recovers from today’s surgery. We will update you once we have a sense when the next procedure will take place.

-The Neary boys