We wanted to share with everyone a clearer timeline of some next steps over the next few days.

First, Kevin will have surgery on his neck to remove the shattered bone fragments and to stabilize his neck. The doctors are confident that, since he’s a healthy 29-year-old, he will able to recover from that procedure relatively quickly. This will help him get out of the neck collar faster than letting things heal on their own. We aren’t sure when the surgery will happen, but it will likely take a few hours and he will need some time to recover. Because of that uncertainty, people looking to visit him might not be able to see him. We’ll try to let everyone know when he’s out of recovery so that he can have visitors. Stay tuned.

After Kevin has recovered from that procedure, the doctors will put in the tracheotomy tube, which will increase his comfort level and enable him to do some speech therapy so that he can talk again. The timing of this depends on his recovery from surgery, but we’re hopeful it won’t be too long.

We want to reiterate our thanks to everyone who has helped us and offered to help. It has really helped us stay positive and focus on the next steps ahead for Kevin. Thank you so much.