Thank you all again for your love and support. It’s really incredible to realize how many people feel the same way we do about Kevin. You’re coming out of the woodwork with stories about how Kevin has touched people’s lives. To be honest, we didn’t know the extent to which he did that until this happened.

We also want thank you for your patience.  Right now, we do not have any real updates on Kevin’s condition. He remains stable, and the doctors and nurses are working to continue to improve his condition.

As you may know, three major news outlets in Philadelphia covered this story on the news last night.  The police have release surveillance tape of the person who is responsible for doing this to Kevin. Many of you have already shared it on Facebook, Twitter, and email. We appreciate all that you have done to get the word out.

The links to these videos are below:

Police surveillance



ABC Action News

Many of you have expressed interest in different events in support of Kevin. Our primary focus right now is to get Kevin more stable and out of intensive care. However, as we move forward, we will be reaching out to all of you to see how you can help. We have been overwhelmed by all of the offers so far. We just wanted to let you know that there will certainly be an opportunity to help Kevin going forward. Please know that everyone’s willingness to help means the world to us.

We are still working on getting the email list together. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of people interested in Kevin’s status so it’s taking some time to compile. Once we get that ready you will receive automatic notifications to your email whenever this website is updated.

In the meantime, keep checking back!